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Creative wedding photo print ideas

They’ve arrived! One of the best moments after your wedding day is receiving the images back from your photographer. Your wedding is one of the most photographed events in your lifetime, so what to do with all the stunning images? Here we provide all the ideas and inspiration to help you soak up those special moments year after year. From the traditional to the quirky, read on for creative wedding photo print ideas.

7 creative wedding photo print ideas

1. Create a gallery wall

When it comes to wedding photos, you are going to be spoilt for choice! A gallery wall is the perfect way to showcase a selection of your favourites. When selecting which wedding photo prints to display on your gallery wall, we recommend choosing a mix of different shots - the special couple, your guests, some of the finer details like flowers or wedding rings.What’s so great about this wedding photo print idea is you can choose a layout and frames to suit your home and décor. From matching simple black edged frames in a grid style, to a mismatched look featuring a selection of different frame finishes and sizes.

Wedding photo thank you cards

2. Print wedding photo thank you cards

Wedding photo print ideas which allow you to easily share your favourite images with your nearest and dearest and say thank you all at the same time - winning! With ready-to-go templates, it's really simple to create thank you cards using your wedding photos. All you need to do is choose your favourite photo and if you are struggling to select just one, simply choose a collage style design.If your wedding photos are displayed in an online gallery, why not include the link on your thank you cards so your guests can relive the day too!

3. Take over a shelf

You like the idea of displaying multiple photos in the same place, but don’t fancy the faff of putting up a gallery wall? Then try taking over a shelf in your home. A console table or large chest of drawers works brilliantly for this too.This is one of our teams favourite wedding photo print ideas, because you can use the space to display other wedding keepsakes too, one's which you wouldn’t be able to hang form the wall. Perhaps some dried flowers from your bouquet or buttonhole, a meaningful card, or some special jewellery.

4. Wedding photo canvas prints

This wedding photo print idea will really add some love to your walls. Give those couple shots the attention they deserve and create stunning wall art for your home. Canvas prints also make a brilliant choice to display large group shots, such as wedding family portraits or wedding party images.

Wedding photo print ideas - photo frames leaning against a wall

5. Lean photos against the wall

Looking for a more casual way to display your wedding photos prints? Try leaning your frames against a wall. For extra-large frames, we recommend placing them directly on the floor. For medium-sized frames, try positioning them on a console table or large chest of drawers. You can play around with layering different sized frames too. The results here are much more relaxed than hanging photos from a wall, an effortless but stylish way to display your wedding photo prints. And the best bit about this wedding photo print idea? It’s so simple to do, no hammering or hanging required!

6. Wedding Photo Garland display

A photo garland makes a super fun and casual way to display your wedding photo prints. You can choose to hang from twine, ribbon or for a really romantic feel, try using string lights.What’s particularly great about this wedding photo print idea, is that you can you display lots of images, plus you can quickly and easily update the pictures too. This means more of your wedding photos can get the attention they deserve!

Wedding photo prints for wedding photo album

7. Create a wedding photo album

Wedding photography is all about capturing the story of your day and the ultimate way to relive this story is in an album.Arguably, this is one of the best wedding photo print ideas to remember your special day with others. A family favourite; a real printed album which can be passed around and enjoyed together. The ultimate wedding keepsake.We hope these creative wedding photo print ideas have inspired you to make more of your wedding photos. Turn your digital wedding photos into real photo prints in a matter of minutes with PostSnap so you can relive your best day ever for years to come..

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